Brand new!

FULL BLAST & FRIENDS [Brötzmann-Pliakas-Wertmüller + Ken Vandermark, Thomas Heberer, Dirk Rothbrust], "Sketches and Ballads" (Trost, TR107, 2011, CD/Vinyl)


STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND / FELIX PROFOS, Get out of my Room, (GROB 961 , 2010)


FULL BLAST + FRIENDS [Brötzmann-Pliakas-Wertmüller + Keiji Haino, Peter Evans, Mars Williams], "Crumbling Brain" (Okka, 2010, Vinyl only!)


new! FULL BLAST [Brötzmann-Pliakas-Wertmüller], Black Hole & Live in Tampere (2CD, Atavistic, ALP187CD-X, 2009)


RUPP-PLIAKAS-WERTMUELLER, Too much is not enough, (FMP 135, 2009)


Mösiöblö, " Ample Food ", Percaso 27 (CH, 2007)

Limited numbered bootleg CD edition: FULL BLAST [Brötzmann-Pliakas-Wertmüller], "Farewell Tonic", Live at Tonic Club NYC, April 11 2008 [rec. Bruno Soria, Ulrich Petereit] - Only available directly from the artists! SOLD OUT!!

BROETZMANN-PLIAKAS-WERTMUELLER, "Full Blast" (CD, Jazzwerkstatt jw001, 2006, ITM/fmp publish.)

STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND, "Wertmueller" (CD, GROB 655, 2005)

STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND/Pierre Huyghe(F)/Tyler Whisnand(USA), SSCL214 (DVD, ‘loud&clear’, Bifrons/Amsterdam 2002)

STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND, "Budapest" (CD, GROB 315, 2001)

STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND, "ac/dB[hayden]" (CD, GROB 316, 2001)

STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND, "ac/dB[hayden]" Vinyl, limited edition

STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND, "unknown song/zone" (feat. Simone Vollenweider, voc.), 7"-Vinyl-Single 

STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND, "The Box" ( MULTIGROB 001, 2001 - limited edition!!):

"Budapest", "ac/dB[hayden]" plus "unknown song/zone"-Single plus Photos etc. in exclusive box

Mösiöblö, "à Robert Filliou", Percaso 19 (CH, 2001)

Die Firma [et alt.], "WIM - Radio Days", stv/asm 001 (CH, 1999)

STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND, "Live" (Unit 4104, 1998)

SLUDGE 2000 [et alt.], "The Field Recordings 3", X-OR FR3 (NL, 1996)

STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND, "Live" (Unit 4104, 1998)



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7"-SINGLE: 10 Euros

The Box (2 CDs plus 1 Single): 35 Euros 

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